Window Coating System




Page contents:

1.   Photograph of the equipment rack of the window coating system

2.   Detail diagram of the window coating bell jar and its associated components

3.   Photograph of Bell Jar  and  Steel safety cage

4.   Photograph of UHV components assembly of the window coating system

5.   Window coating system description and coating information  (requires Acrobat Reader)

Paper on this subject:

C.C. Lo, J. Julian and K. Baptiste, A New Window Coating System and a New Window for the ALS,
presented and published in the 1999 IEEE PAC Conference and Proceedings   (requires Acrobat Readers)


coatingsyst.jpg (92684 bytes)

Right hand lower corner is the roughing pump. The rack of equipment is used
to power the coating system. The system employs AC filament supply through
a step down transformer and a variac to control the voltage and current and
therefore the Ti filament temperature. Filament temperature is monitored by
a remote digital infrared thermometer and a pyrometer


coatingjar2.jpg (53215 bytes)

Detail diagram of the Bell Jar Coating System

belljarsml.jpg (47244 bytes)

Bell jar used in the coating system

bellscreen.jpg (44023 bytes)

Steel cage for bell jar

coatingpumpsml.jpg (55401 bytes)

Photograph showing the turbo pump and other associated components for the Window Coating System

coatfrontpnl.jpg (30749 bytes)

Pump instrumentation panel and
valves controls for  LN

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