SR Cavity Test Stand




The ALS Storage Ring cavity test stand is a multi purpose facility for the conditioning of new and replacement high power components, such as the high power windows for the three  ALS cavities. The cavity also serves as a spare unit for the three ALS cavities in service. Conditioning and pre
testing of cavities and windows for UHV operation is very important prior to their installation into the machine. The cavity also serves as a test unit to study HOM damping, coupling issues and other components required by ALS operation otherwise such tests could only  be  carried out during actual machine operation that would interfere with   user  operation  and physics study time. The photographs  shown on this page provide an over all  picture  of the  test   stand  which is a fully  functional 60kW, 500MHz klystron amplifier with a complete wave guide feed system for powering up   the  cavity  to  60kW.  It  is  also  an    essential   integral  part  of  the window coating process for the ALS storage ring RF windows.

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equprack.jpg (49453 bytes)
Test Stand equipment rack


cavguidexmit.jpg (59683 bytes)
Cavity, wave guide system and transmitter


xmittop.jpg (39825 bytes)
Top of transmitter showing output port coupling


rackrearsml.jpg (37490 bytes)
Rear panel of X'mitter


cav&bifsecjpg.jpg (51335 bytes)
Cavity and wave guide feed section


bifucatguide.jpg (40714 bytes)
Bifurcating wave guide section for input coupling adjustment


cavityinshieldsml.jpg (42902 bytes)
Cavity situated in lead lined shell

alumcovlead.jpg (36732 bytes)
One half of aluminum covered lead shell

cooling350.jpg (35628 bytes)
Test cavity cooling system

expump330.jpg (48378 bytes)
Cooling pumps and heat exchanger for the
cooling system

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