Linac RF System




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Papers on Linac:

1. B. Taylor, H. Lancaster and H. Hog, Engineering Design of the Injector for The Advanced Light Source (ALS), Presented at the 1988 Linear Accelerator Conference, Williamsburg, VA, Oct. 2-7, 1988. LBL-26025

2. C.C. Lo, B. Taylor and H. Lancaster, Low Power RF System for the ALS Linac, Proceedings of 1991 IEEE PAC, Vol. 2, pp.807-809, LBL 29909

3. C.C. Lo, B. Taylor, H. Lancaster and J. Guigli, Advanced Light Source Linac Subharmonic Buncher Cavities, Proceedings of 1989 IEEE PAC, Vol. 1, pp.956-958, LBL 25975

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