HHC System




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   1.   Block diagram of the Passive HHC RF System

   2.   The cavity  manufacturing process

   3.   Block diagram of the Amp Loop Module

   4.   Block diagram of RF Monitor    

   5.   The HHC RF system rack

   6.   Main tuner assembly of the HHC

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1.5 GHz Cavity
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Papers on this system:    (requires Acrobat Reader)

1.   John Byrd et al, Design of a higher harmonic RF System for the Advanced Light Source, To be published in the
      Nuclear Instrument and Method.

2.   C.C. Lo et al, The RF System for the 3rd Harmonic Cavity of ALS, PAC Conference Proceedings 1999, pp. 3131-3133

3.   R. Rimmer et al, A Third Harmonic RF Cavity for the Advanced Light Source, PAC Conference Proceedings 1999, pp. 1808-1810


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One of five channels of the current passive RF system. The main tuner is used to keep a preset cavity
voltage level constant through a pre-defined range of beam current.


hhccavmfg.jpg (194953 bytes)

Similar manufacturing proceedures were used for the 1.5GHz cavities of ALS's HHC System.
Six 1.5GHz cavities were manufactured by LLNL for LBNL. The 1.5GHz cavities do not have
the HOM damping ports as shown here of the PEPII cavities.


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A second identical channel is used to control a second tuner in the current passive systemSee first figure on this page.


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The Third Harmonic Cavity RF System Equipment Rack


hhcasemby.jpg (78274 bytes)

Photograph of the assembly of the five higher harmonic cavities in the ALS Storage Ring


hhcasemlowview.jpg (97279 bytes)

Photograph showing the main tuners assembly of four of the five higher harmonic cavities

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