Circulator Bias Supply



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1.   Photograph showing the 300kW circulator located on the roof top of the  SR tunnel

2.   Front view of the Circulator Bias Supply 23W0784

3.   Block diagram of the bias supply

4.   Component layout of the bias supply

5.   Circulator bias supply adjustment

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Storage Ring 300kW Circulator. Water load is on the left side.


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The 300kW SR circulator and the 75kW BR circulator use the same bias power supply


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The circulator is biased to provide a better match at the frequency of interest.  The match  is  also   a  function of ambient temperature, water temperature at the input and output of the cooling circuit. The bias supply outputs a bias  current   that  self  adjusts  to  compensate   for   temperature  change  due  to  RF power  heating,   ambient temperature and cooling water temperature. It is not a very precise regulator. Further improvement is warranted.


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Circulator bias supply module components layout


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