RF Cavity



Page contents:

1.   Photograph of the 500MHz Cavity and Waveguide Feed System

2.   Some specifics of the BR and SR 500MHz Cavity

3.   Photograph of the ALS SR and BR Cavity

4.   500MHz Cavity Tuner Driver

Paper on this subject:

C.C. Lo and Brian Taylor, Computer-Aided Studies of the ALS Storage Ring Cavity, Proceedings of the 1989 IEEE PAC,
Vol. 1, pp121-123, LBL 25976

srcavity.jpg (109199 bytes)

One of the SR 500MHz cavities. Signal is coupled to the cavity via the WR1800 wave guide.


cavityspec.jpg (67789 bytes)


cavtunphoto.jpg (73030 bytes)

Picture of the Tuner housing and the 500MHz Cavity                    Source: Accel


interatomcavdriver.jpg (48952 bytes)

Interatom is now Accel

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