Primary Systems



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Master Oscillator

          The nominal frequency of operation at the beginning was 499.654MHz. Since the 1989 earth quake the frequency has gradually changed to 499.664MHz. The original Temperature Controlled Crystal Oscillator is out of its adjustable range and hence has been replaced by an HP8644B signal generator that also provides a better noise performance.


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Peaking Strip Trigger Generator

           The Peaking Strip Trigger Generator provides a trigger pulse, at an absolute flux field from a booster magnet during ramping, to the master timing system. The trigger is generated with a thin slice (core) of square loop magnetic material biased at a saturated preset point. Whereas the external field bucks against this field and saturate the core in the opposite direction hence generating a fast momentarily change in reactance providing a means to generate the fast pulse.


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Gun Electronics System

          The Gun Electronics System is clocked by a 125MHz signal provided by dividing the main 500MHz by a factor of 4. The system utilizes fast electronics components to generate the start and stop pulses for the gate that can be set to provide from one to twelve pulses to drive the gun cathode. The spacing of the pulses is 8ns. The resulting pulses generated are then sent to the hot (125kV) deck electronics via optical fibers.


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Temperature Controller   

   The Temperature Controller is used to keep the cooling system temperature at a preset level that can be adjusted to accommodate various operating parameters. For example: the Linac frequency is tuned, solely, by the guide temperature. The controller provides signals for both heating and cooling. It is capable of maintaining a temperature of less than 0.2 deg. C in a proportional control system.

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